EFT is a tapping technique that is used to take the emotional charge out of situations relieving emotional disturbances and sometimes physical symptoms. It is very quick and easy to use and is one of the many techniques that you will be able to do for yourself outside of the session.

When we experience trauma, fear, anxiety etc the energy channels in our body tends to become blocked.  This disturbs our energetic functioning, creativity and potential and leads to stress, anxiety and emotional imbalance.  Negative reactions are apt to become imprinted on our psyche causing a repetitive cycle and contributing to us becoming stuck in certain emotional responses and behaviour patterns no matter how we try to break them.

On a rational level, we know that our fears, responses etc are often outdated, unfounded and unlikely to happen yet still we find ourselves unable to release these fears limiting ourselves in many ways.

EFT serves to counteract the energetic disruption within the body permitting us to make the necessary adjustments so that the unconstructive cycle can be broken.  It is a method which involves gently tapping a sequence of energy points on the body using the fingertips.  This allows negative emotions to be released and the energy within our body to flow more freely.